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Proyecto Asis – Volunteering With Animals

For years while waiting to go to Costa Rica, we were set on visiting the Sloth Sanctuary, but on finding it was on the opposite side of the country it was out of reach for this trip. It was then that I started searching for something closer to where we would be. Finding Proyecto Asis… Continue reading Proyecto Asis – Volunteering With Animals

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Hanging out with Rescue Dogs In Costa Rica

After our latest family member joined our life (Waffle-our big golden doodle) we have become massive dog fans. I have officially become that person who spends a lot of my life talking about dogs! Searching for the best activities to do while we were in Costa Rica, we were pretty excited to find the Costa… Continue reading Hanging out with Rescue Dogs In Costa Rica

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Viking Line Sweden to Finland

Traveling between destinations is generally a pretty stressful experience when your with small ones. That stress can increase ten fold when your outnumbered and your traveling with a child who struggles with noise, crowds and unpredictable things occurring.  My priority isn’t always the quickest route or the cheapest (although price is a major factor), but… Continue reading Viking Line Sweden to Finland

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Wild Sweden @ Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge

  Searching for eco tourism & unusual accommodation in Scandinavia, I stumbled across ‘Sweden’s most primitive hotel’ and knew this was for us. But after having never camped with my kids and with a child who is petrified of bugs (petrified-as in full on panic attacks and horror screams, as if witnessing something truly awful),… Continue reading Wild Sweden @ Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge

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Lapland-10 days on the cheap

After spending near on 9 years repeatedly pricing up trips to lapland, but never being able to get the price under £3000 for a few nights, I started to think outside the box. I’ve never been one for package breaks but I just didn't know enough about Lapland to risk turning up somewhere in minus… Continue reading Lapland-10 days on the cheap