5EDC12DA-8EBC-4202-9304-6E67A7C43FB2This is us….

When I took a gap year to travel before uni, I hadn’t planned to fall pregnant with my first child. With uni off the cards, I also shelved my desire to travel. When my third child passed away shortly before birth, I was hit with the realisation that life is short and the wanderlust began to creep back in.

After finding myself as a lone parent a year after the birth of my fourth child, and the feeling of wanderlust ever increasing, I began to research places I could go with my children.  Why should travel be boring or restricted because I had a family? My kids made life more fun, surly this could be the same with travel?

Working as a freelance photographer gave me the flexibility to escape whenever we could. Five years down the line it’s become a bit of an expected, that we will be going on some sort of adventure with every school holiday that comes.

Its not all easy and my youngest child has additional needs which takes some extra planning and more mental and physical energy from me when we are away from home but that didn’t put me off. I spend many hours each week researching trips while giving myself a tiny budget to use.   I’m living my life based  on the quote ‘collect moments not things’.

‘This is our journey….