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Moose Safari

Just like our Beaver Safari, our wildlife adventure included a nighttime Moose Safari. Again, all we really knew was it would include food and that it would be late. We had been told on the previous night, to be excited for dinner!

This time we met with another family and our guides at Kolarbyn. We split into two groups of 6 heading off in the minibuses.  Our guide was lovely. He told us that we would be traveling into the forest for our starting point.


We pulled up next to a beautiful lake. It’s picnic area was, I think, the best picnic area I had ever seen. In England a picnic area is usually a few pub style table/benches with, if your lucky, a nice view. This was nothing short of stunning. It was more of a campfire log circle. With log benches and table and a view over one of the pretties lakes I’ve ever seen. Like the previous evening, the night began with a fun ‘getting to know everyone’ type activity.  The guides then talked us through what we could expect.


For the first part, in our groups of 6, we headed off into the forest. We would not be looking for moose in this part of the evening, but for signs and clues of moose being nearby. This was great and again our guide was brilliant with the kids. We walked up a hill in the forest, as promised the view from the top was beautiful. I had D in and out of the sling at this point so I was exhausted! We found out some interesting facts and found lots of moose poop.

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After around half hour, we headed back to our base area for dinner. We did a show and tell type thing with some of what we had found. Then it was time to eat!

Our guides set set up an amazing dinner. The way it was presented to us made it all the more special. They talked through about each of the food and drink items, it was all locally sourced including the beer!


Once we had eaten, it was time to look for moose. We got back into the minibus and were ready for our first sighting. This actually come really quick, within minuets. We quietly piled out of the vans. The moose was huge, much bigger than I imagined.

Our next sighting was of a young teenage moose. We had learnt that a young moose stays with its mother until the next year when the mother has another baby, the older sibling then has to leave the family and make its own way in life. They spend some time confused and acting slightly erratic as they work out their new life away from their mother. We could identify this teenage moose as it was running around then dashed in front of our vans in a clumsy way!


Over the course of the evening we saw 14 moose – some of those were mothers and their babies. It was again, really lovely too see th smooshed in their natural environment and having learnt loads about them. The kids had fun and learnt loads of facts. This was a nice and easy trip for D as we spent our Safari time in the van and most of the moose were very easy to see! We would really love to go on more trips with Wild Sweden, when the kids are older I’ll be looking into the Swedish Lapland trips they run. It was such a lovely, personalized few days.

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